where it all began…

We first met ‘The Flying Seagulls Project’ and their founder, Bash, in 2013 at the Green Man festival. I spent most of my time with the kids being entertained by this fantastically animated group of people who made a real impact on me and my children.

Founded by entertainer Ash Perrin in 2007, the Flying Seagull Project spreads love, light and laughter to hospitals, orphanages, deaf/blind schools, marginalised communities, refugee camps and slums around the world.

In their own words….”We believe that it is everyone – man, woman or child’s – right to put aside the cares of life and smile for a while. We work with varying groups across the world to help bring smiles and happiness to people, whether as Clown Doctors for children undergoing difficult medical treatments or through games, arts, music and crafts workshops and circus shows”.



we meet again…

Fast forward to 2018, we already knew I had primary breast cancer, and were drawn to the Wilderness Festival because we knew the Flying Seagulls would be there.

At a time when things were tough for us, these amazing performers pulled us into a carefree world of laughs and silliness. At the end of the festival, I thanked Bash and the team, and said for that short time, my kids had forgotten their Mum had Cancer - and that was important.

So when we were given the devastating news on the 16th August that my cancer was now secondary, my response was create and share our moments of silliness, inspired by these guys - because for those few moments while you are creating and sharing, you can be momentarily carefree.

It’s not always about trying to solve a problem, it’s just helping to make it more bearable - as The Flying Seagulls say….happiness matters.

If you feel inclined check them out, truly inspirational.


Lesley x


The Flying Seagulls have continued to be an inspiration for me, and one year on, I made a dream become reality by becoming part of the Seagulls family - after training in January of this year, I ventured out twice to one of their projects in Calais, before spending the Summer at a series of UK festivals to help with fundraising activities - Tramlines in Sheffield, YNot in the Peak District, and Green Man in the glorious Brecon Beacons! Very special memories with very special people. x

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